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Wolsey Mews

We are building two new homes on a small site in Kentish Town. Three garages currently occupy the site, which is on a small mews backing onto Kentish Town Road. 


The form and massing of the new buildings are arranged to maximise living accommodation, pick up on the roof profile of the adjacent building, and minimise impact on neighbours.  The street elevation is carefully composed with large, simply detailed openings animating the street frontage. External walls will generally be in a pale weathered facing brick, with a rear single storey element clad in stained timber. At ground floor, large sliding entrance screens in perforated weathering steel will provide physical and visual protection to the recessed entrance spaces.  At first floor, flush balconies in front of the large openings will be similarly detailed in perforated metalwork.


The building is designed to achieve CSH Level 4 and is Lifetime Homes compliant.


Planning permission has been granted February 2017.

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