Burd Haward Architects

Burd Haward Architects
24 Wolsey Mews
London NW5 2DX

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Heronsgate Outdoor Classroom

A prototype external teaching space, with seating for 120 children, pre-fabricated off site and constructed in two days.

Bristol Bridge

A competition proposal for a new footbridge over the Floating Harbour at Bristol Temple Quay 2, with the aims not only of crossing the harbour, but also acting as a generous gesture for the city & its users and enlarging & intensifying the public domain.

Casa Movil

A prefabricated, self-sufficient, zero-carbon eco-lodge designed for remote locations.

Green Room

Self-assembling, pre-fabricated garden den for a writer, conceived as a take on the traditional garden shed. It provides a warm, dry, light and low cost additional space for living and working.

Cube Extension

An extension built precisely within and expressing the parameters of ‘Permitted Development’.