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A competition winning bid for a new development of 375 homes at Upton Sites F & G; an English Partnerships project on the outskirts of Northampton.  Working with HTA, Ramboll WhitbyBird Sustainability Consultants and Bellway Homes, we were responsible for the design of the High Street, comprising a neighbourhood spine, with 90 homes, live work units and a nursery, all designed to CSH Level 4. 


We proposed houses with generous ground floor ceiling heights, stairs offset from the main plan and non-load-bearing ground floor frontages, to allow future flexibility of use.  The street elevations are a reinterpretation of the local vernacular, with simply detailed projecting bays.  At the rear the houses open on to  private green courtyards. 


Client: Bellway Homes/ English Partnerships

Competition: won October 2007


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Housing & Mixed Use