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The Queen's College Porters' Lodge

The Queen’s College, Oxford is Grade I listed, with part of its entrance quad believed to have been designed by Hawksmoor. Our appointment to design a new Porters’ lodge was won through invited competition, and was subsequently expanded to encompass a site wide masterplan for the college. Completed in summer 2023, the new Porters’ lodge and entrance comprise the second phase of masterplan works.


Our scheme for improving the entrance to the college is deceptively simple, and deals modestly and elegantly with numerous complex functional, heritage and access issues.


The former cramped timber lodge structure was taken down, revealing the architectural qualities of the quad, and a new lodge created in a set of existing offices in the corner of the quad.  Here, modern partitions were removed, the historic floor lowered and the large stone wall separating the rooms from the quad opened up, to provide direct connections and views to and from the main entrance.  Discreet new guarding and gates expand the line of security.


Inside the new lodge, oak joinery is carefully detailed to suit the range of functions. On the other side a new door connects the lodge to the High Street via a new entrance gate, stair and lift in the Beer Cellar Yard.


The yard was widened through complex structural alterations to the neighbouring historic timber framed building.  New bespoke stair, lift and gate elements are precisely detailed, with the filigree design of the gate referencing vermicular rustication of columns adjacent to the historic entrance.


The combined effect is subtle but has been transformatory.  For the first time in the building’s 300 year history, the college, its lodge and quad are accessible to all from the High Street.


Client:   The Queen’s College, Oxford

Stages: RIBA 0 - 6

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