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River Douglas Bridge

Our competition proposal for a new bridge crossing the River Douglas, Lancashire was designed to form the entrance into a new regional park.  The elegant and organic form of this simple and structurally efficient bridge allows uninterrupted views over the surrounding landscape for those crossing it. The undulating texture of its underside, visible to users of the riverside footpaths, echoes the eroded river banks.

The bridge touches the ground lightly and uses minimal materials, keeping its environmental impact to a minimum. With efficient foundations, the steel & timber structure is entirely pre-fabricated and designed to be craned into position in three parts, greatly reducing damage and disturbance to the site during installation and allowing ease of future maintenance. Importantly, its tiny site footprint maintains maximum habitat connectivity along the banks.


The biodiversity of the park is enhanced through provision of nesting areas for wildlife within the bridge structure itself. Bridges are often colonised by species of bats and birds due to their proximity to water and food supplies and can make ideal locations for nest boxes. Here, artificial bird and bat boxes inhabit the timber ribs of the structure, and are removable & adaptable to suit the requirements of local species.


Client:  Lancashire County Council / North West Development Agency / REMADE

Stage:  Competition

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