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Flowers East Gallery

The conversion of an industrial building on Kingsland Road to form a new gallery and HQ for Angela Flowers plc.  Arranged over three floors, this 12,000ft2 space comprises shop, storage, spaces for private viewing, sales and administration in addition to the three connected public gallery spaces. 

The spaces are arranged as a series of simple interconnected volumes of different scale and quality, with views from one to another tempting the visitor to explore.  Views out of the building are controlled by tall display walls at the rear, and by the raised bookshop at the front.  The gallery thus feels remarkably calm and detached from its busy urban location. 

The scheme incorporates specific environmental requirements of art display and storage.  It was designed to be built within a tight budget and programme and uses a limited palette of durable, hard-wearing self finished materials.


Client:   Angela Flowers plc

Stages: RIBA 0 - 6

flowers east 01
flowers east 02
flowers east 03
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