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Church Farm Housing

A distinctive exemplar of sustainable rural development, this scheme for three new houses is located in the heart of Abbotsley, a village near Cambridge. Sited on pieces of neglected and overgrown land, the new houses and external spaces are carefully designed to minimise impact on adjacent listed buildings and sit comfortably in their setting.  The development preserves the local historic and landscape character and enhances the ecological qualities of the site.


New homes are arranged around a shared yard that provides amenity and a sense of place.  Their form and massing respond to both village vernacular and to site topology, and ensures retention of mature trees and limits impact on views of adjacent listed buildings.

Designed as a recognisable family of buildings, with similar forms and detailing, the two principle ‘farm’ houses are clad in limewashed render, in common with local farmhouses and cottages in the village, whilst the smaller house takes cues from a black timber- and corrugated metal clad listed barn adjacent.  New planting enhances biodiversity and retains the countryside character in the heart of the village.


Client:    Church Farm Estates

Stages:  RIBA 0 – 3

Church farm 01
Church farm 02
Church farm 05b
Church farm 03
Church farm 06
Church farm 07
Church farm 08
Church farm 09
Church farm 10


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