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Casa Movil

A zero-carbon eco-lodge designed for a private client who wanted to develop holiday accommodation in remote sites.  The prefabricated lodges are clad in large hinged timber panels, which, when closed provide protection - during transportation to site and out of season - and when open provide solar shading and external decking.


Each cabin is self-sufficient, with solar thermal pipework integral in the floor and roof build up to provide cooling in day and warmth at night, and directionable solar panels located on the roof.  A site has been found in the Spanish Pyrenees at Besalu, near Girona. Six lodges will be located in the sloping grounds of an existing semi-derelict farmhouse, which will be renovated and converted to house a restaurant and central hotel facilities.


Client:    Amber Galloway

Stages:  RIBA 0 – 2

casa movil 01
casa movil 02
casa movil 03
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casa movil 05
casa movil 06
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