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Bristol Bridge

An invited competition proposal for a new footbridge over the Floating Harbour in Bristol that links the new Temple Quay North waterfront development to the Temple area of the city to the south. We worked with artist Richard Wentworth and Structural Engineers Buro Happold to design a realisable, poetic and utopian bridge of its place and time.

Lightweight and delicate, highly engineered, without being an exercise in structural gymnastics, its aim beyond the simple purpose of crossing from A to B was to enlarge and intensify the public domain, and act as a generous gesture for the city and its users. Our design proposed a modular system of structural steel floor plates which could be assembled quickly and easily to form an undulating bridge landscape, with different floor surfaces defining spaces for people to pause.


Client:  Urbed/ SEDA/ Castlemore Securities

Stage:  Competition

bristol bridge 01
bristol bridge 02
bristol bridge 03
bristol bridge 04