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Bluebell House

The Bluebell House is a small family house on a secluded backland site in West London. Our clients were a couple who wanted a house into which they could retire, that would be fully accessible, energy efficient with low-running costs, and have space for a painting studio and workshop. The site presented numerous challenges, including limited access, many listed trees on and around the site including a 500 year old oak, and the need to limit impact on surrounding houses. 


The footprint and form of the building evolved from detailed study of opportunities and constraints of site, and comprises two elements.  A long, single storey wing is located along the northern boundary of the site.  This sits below canopies of adjacent trees, minimises impact on adjoining houses and gives views south into the garden.  A smaller two-storey volume divides the garden into two parts.  The whole is raised slightly above ground level, with a thin RC slab on mini piles avoiding damage to existing tree roots.  The building is highly energy efficient with a thick insulated prefabricated timber framed structure, rainwater harvesting, solar panels and ASHP.  The single storey wing has an extensive green roof, planted with bluebells gathered from the garden before construction began.  It is a compact, generous and expansive home that is fully embedded in its landscape.


Client:  Ruth & Anthony Fergusson
Value:  £600K

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New London Architecture Awards

RIBA Regional Award - shortlisted

Ealing Civic Society Annual Award


New London Architecture's New London Awards Publication , July 2013